Real Estate, Houses, and Mortgages

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Real Estate, Houses, and Mortgage

The biggest purchase you’ll ever make

Raise your hand if you’ve heard the phrase, “My home is the best investment I ever made.”. 

Now either you managed to buy a home twenty years ago in the historically ridiculous markets of Vancouver or Toronto – or you just aren’t very good at investing.

Keeping it simple

Understanding how to buy a home and how to invest in real estate are two different sides of the same coin.  While I prefer to invest in more liquid assets for the time being, there is little doubt that there is money to be made as a landlord.  And just because homes shouldn’t be classified as investments, doesn’t mean that they are irrelevant to personal finance – far from it.  In fact, it’s my opinion that it’s on this issue many Canadians cripple their personal finance plans before they even get started.

You know what is a really quick way to make sure you don’t pay yourself 10%?  To pay the bank over 40% of your pay each month for your mortgage and then wonder how you can afford to buy a coffee pot to put on those gorgeous marble counter tops you had to have.

We’ll let you know the ins and outs of getting a mortgage in Canada, some tips and tricks for buying and selling home, as well as our dabbling in real estate investment. You should also read our free ebook on How To Buy Your First Home in Canada.

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